Altiyan Childs – Living On A Prayer (live)

X-Factor 10/10/10 Altiyan sings “Living on a Prayer” live on X Factor..
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 thoughts on “Altiyan Childs – Living On A Prayer (live)

  1. one thing i hate about the media, is them mocking people who can’t speak english properly. “transport” should’ve been “transformed”

  2. @karen1932000 You take your “Ronan Keating” so serious, i do not know why you would waste your time. Jon Bon Jovi is alot more talented AND popular than that fag. As if you would wear glasses with no lenses in them and a scarf to match. Fucking gay cunt.

  3. @yasir77 Never said i was a good artist, Ronan Keating is a queer cunt, with not even half the talent of Jon Bon Jovi, go suck your mother teat you whore!

  4. I have witnessed over 100 great rock shows/performers over the past 20yrs and Altiyan is a natural, energetic, talented, unstable, edgy, real and from the heart performer who the world deserves to enjoy. I just watched the 2010 Arias and no performance tonight captured last 5-6 performances that Altiyan has done and I pray that he writes and produces a great debut album. I am a true believer in the man.

  5. @nigsucker – I forgot to add, last year at the pro-am golf in Scotland Tico played drums, whilst Hughey Lewis and Ronan performed together at the charity ball which was held afterwards. Just a little bit of research by you, might have stopped you from looking quite so stupid. Ronan has been in the bussiness for over 15 years, he has met and befriended many stars along the way.

  6. @nigsucker, for your information Ronan often plays golf with Tico Torres at various pro-am events around the world. He has known both John and Tico for quite a few years. He has also been a VIP guest many times at various concerts. Both John and Tico were at Ronan’s Emerald’s and Ivy Ball in London last year. I think its very likely that Ronan has John’s number on his phone.

  7. @nigsucker Fuckwit, did you see Enrique giving him a hug while he was performing? Ronan is a good artist unlike a douche bag like you. Look at your nick. You are a sucker.

  8. wow! Im a samoan frm the states n ive been only watchin mahagony n kharizma. n ive heard negative comments bout dis altiyan, until i actually watched his vids. I SING MYSELF, N IM AMAZED AT HIS VOICE N STAGE PRESENCE. HES A STAR! dis is comin frm a person dat loves all types of music. i agree dis altiyan has star quality wow! america wud love him! he sang dis song n soul sister betta den da original singers. i jus barely watched xfactor australia. so whos da top now?

  9. this bloke is going to b a super star 100 times bigger than susan boyle or any 1 thats ever appeared on xfactor or idol shows b it in the usa or the uk or australia jst u wait & see!!!!

  10. @pigsIop HEY u just wait till altiyan wins den you’ll see whos truely brilliant. Theres a big difference between a JUNKY and ALTIYAN.

  11. Jon Bon Jovi isnt a fag but Ronan Keating is, AND he would not be good friends with Jon Bon Jovi!

  12. Ronan Keating is a fucking bullshit artist fuckwit. Sure HE would have Jon Bon Jovi’s number the fucking fag!

  13. altiyan ur the best singer ive ever heard your going to be the best rock star if you stay on the same track:)

  14. reading some of the previous comments about Altiyan which may or may not be true. I don’t know. All I can say is that who are we to Judge Altiyan, only God can judge. It doesn’t change the fact that he is a new born rock star who has come out to show the world how he can sing. Altiyan don’t take it to heart the bad things some people say about you. Believe in yourself and keep your spirits and head up high and go all the way sweetie. No one in this world is perfect and at least you had the

  15. @fashionwhorexo It’s the difference between witnessing gore and causing gore, however fake it might be.

    I agree with you in that this is nothing to be panicked about, though.

  16. Why dont they make another one for the new consoles?? I think it would sell a lot and better because of the graphics

  17. @fashionwhorexo actually i think movies are worse since they look mor realistic because manhunt 2s graphics are bad.

  18. @nickisaws0me ya it is and i have it heres a link if ya want but if you like buy the game thats what i did

  19. If you have a think its almost like metal gear solid, Solid snake and liquid snake! :D
    I do want to get this game so bad, mite download it on pc, uncensored, if thats possible lol!

  20. I’ve beaten the Censored version…Now, I wanna beat the uncensored version to see the differences lol

  21. I’m from France and I think the censorship is the same as in Spain. It’s a very good game any way

  22. Well, I play the first one and I like it, but… here, in Spain, we have the “so much non-blood” version (Censored) and that makes me a bit suspicious about buying the game.